Birthdays, Barbecues & Buzz Lightyear

One week already since our safari adventure, and I haven’t even gotten around to the third and most important part of the weekend, food and cake!

The weather was amazing, summer was doing it’s thang and the sun stayed high in the sky until late into the evening, perfect for a barbecue dinner on Saturday evening.

Halloumi being seasoned and prepped by Eleanor.

TBND feeling manly and important turning the sausages on the barbecue, whilst I was busy jumping on the trampoline with the kids whilst wearing a flamenco dress, only because I couldn’t fit into the pink princess dress I really wanted to wear from the dress up box.  Completely normal Saturday night behaviour for an adult, but no photographic evidence sadly!

The barbecued halloumi was so damn delicious!

We ate dinner al fresco, devouring barbecued chicken, sausages and salad before turning our attention to dessert.

JUMBO marshmallows.  Not mini, not normal, not even large sized, these things were the biggest marshmallows you could ever imagine.  When TBND and I spotted them in the supermarket, it took us about .5 of a second to realise it would be a really bad idea not to buy them.  And what better way to eat marshmallows on a summer’s evening outside than toasted over a fire.

Slightly blurry marshmallow shots here!  I was battling with the low light of dusk and two excited girls that couldn’t stand still whilst twirling their marshmallows over the flames.  But you get the idea!

What else can I say except for YUM!

Darkness set in and we retreated back to the house for one more sweet treat.  A belated birthday cake for the now 8 year old Isabella.  I’m a huge fan of the Instagram marshmallows made by Boomf, so we decided to decorate her cake with marshmallow photos of her.

Her face was priceless when she first set eyes on the cake!

Candles were blown out and wishes were made.

We moved on to presents.

So I guess this face means she was happy with the ice cream maker we bought her!  Presents opened, cake eaten, we all retired to bed, ready for yet another birthday celebration the next day.

After bacon sandwiches were made on Sunday morning, we swiftly turned our attention to lunch preparation.  Yes, we love food.

More sausages on the barbecue, along with burgers topped with blue cheese and bacon.  Hello!

We soaked up the sun, ate like little piggies til our bellies could take no more, and then decided it was time for the grand finale of the weekend, celebrating Jack’s fourth birthday with some cake and out of tune singing of ‘Happy Birthday’.

To paint a picture for you, Jack is obsessed with Toy Story.  I’m not talking seven day wonder obsessed, I’m talking goes to bed with Mr Potato Head every night obsessed, and as I’m sure you can imagine, laying next to a plastic potato cannot be comfortable.  He is truly dedicated to his love of Toy Story.  He watches the DVD’s on repeat, and his collection of toys along with Mr Potato Head includes Woody, Buzz, Slinky, Bulls Eye and Rex.

I love a good birthday cake, so I decided to try my hand at making a Toy Story themed cake for him and this was the result.

We snuck the cake out on to the table and then called Jack outside to see his surprise.  This could have potentially ended in tears, as although he had told me on the morning of his birthday that he wanted a ‘blue cake for my birthday’ (phew!), he’d also gone on to say ‘I want a pirate cake’.  Oh, well 1 out of 2 of his last minute requests was better than nothing I guess.  Fingers crossed.

Out he came, with Rex in hand, and he was attempting to blow out the candles before they were even lit.

We have a smile!  Success!  He’d clearly forgotten about the pirate cake request the moment he saw Woody and the gang.

He immediately started playing with the toys on top of his cake, and we weren’t sure if he actually realised it was a cake or just thought it was a scene setting for the toys.

Cake devoured, our weekend of birthday celebrating had come to an end and it was time to pack up and drive back to London.  Goodbye Gloucestershire!

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