Birthday Roundup

My Birthday Round-Up

Another year, another birthday, an extra 5 minutes spent filtering every single one of my photo’s to fill the facial cracks!  It came and went so quickly, but I had yet another lovely birthday with great food, great gifts and even greater memories.

I burnt as many calories as I could on the eve of my birthday in preparation for a day of eating like there was no tomorrow. Well that, and the fact that they say your metabolism slows down by 1% every year after the age of 30.  I’d be at a disadvantage of 7% by the follow morning!

I woke early on August 26th, determined to extend my day as much as possible, because I do love a birthday!  I turned off my alarm, pulled my sleeping mask off (yah! I can’t live without the damn thing!) and sleepily padded into the kitchen for my morning routine of a glass of warm water and the juice of half a lemon, followed by coffee made with almond milk.  Not exactly champagne and birthday pancakes, but I like a morning routine y’know?

Opening my laptop, I jumped straight onto Facebook, and was taken aback by the sheer number of birthday posts on my wall! I felt like the popular girl at high school.  (106 walls posts by the end of the day!).  By the time I ‘liked’ and thanked every single person, because I feel that’s super important, I was behind schedule for my day of celebrating.

Ready and out the door, I jumped on the tube and FaceTimed my parents.  30 minutes later I pulled up at Liverpool Street, I was late, so thank goodness for the availability of a Hailo Cab, who’s driver I instructed to step on it and get me over to Shoreditch House pronto.

finally walked into Cowshed Spa and melted into one of their super comfy chairs, put my feet up, and indulged in a 1 hour 15 minute pedicure with shoulder and head massage.  Sound good?  It’s even better than you’re imagining.  I could have lay back in that cloud of a cosy chair for the rest of the day, and my birthday would have been complete.  Except I’d made another booking. A manicure just around the corner at Cheeky Salon.  A contrast to the luxurious look of Cowshed, Cheeky goes for a more industrial warehouse look, and I just loved the space!  And the best bit? Cowshed and Cheeky use the same nail polish brand, so I could have American Hot red fingernails to match my pretty red toenails.

Nails dry, I left Cheeky, located my umbrella in my handbag, and jumped over the puddles of Shoreditch all the way to Mark Hix restaurant Tramshed.  I adore Tramshed, from the interior to the food, it’s such a fun space.  Upon walking into the large restaurant space, you’re greeted with a huge Damien Hirst formaldehyde sculpture of a cow and a chicken (see photo above!).  Then all you need to do is choose between chicken or steak.  This is my kind of restaurant, minimal decisions!!  We ordered chicken and chips and impatiently waited, because I for one was STARVING!

My Birthday Round-Up

Following our chicken and chips feast, it was time to scan the dessert menu.  Calories don’t count on a birthday, and I was quick to let the waitress know that we needed the salted caramel fondue with marshmallows and donuts.  Guyssss, you’ve no idea how unreal it all tastes.  I remember ordering it a couple of years back, and having a vague recollection about it tasting pretty good, but I’d forgotten just how good!  I dived in, speared a marshmallow, drowned it good and proper into the salted caramel sauce and got munching!  I also scooped out all the leftover salted caramel sauce with a spoon once all the marshmallows and donuts had disappeared.  I was not leaving a speck of that dessert alone!

My Birthday Round-Up

Back home for an outfit change, I also then got to open presents!  I love presents, LOVE!

My Birthday Round-Up

Treats, flowers, t-shirts, perfume AND a Go-Pro, I was super excited about my birthday loot!

Throwing on a change of outfit, Soho was the destination for my birthday evening and Chotto Matte was where I was celebrating.  I’d been wanting to visit this Japanese-Peruvian restaurant for the longest time, so finally I was ticking it off my food bucket list.  We started with cocktails, and the staff brought me a gluten-dodgers menu.  We chose a bunch of different dishes and the chef even kindly agreed to make a couple of ‘drowning in gluten’ dishes gluten free for me.  We ate everything from sushi rolls, to rare beef and it was all delicious!  And filling!  I even skipped out on dessert (what a birthday failure!).

It was late.  My eyes were starting to droop.  Was this what 37 felt like?  Knackered by 11pm?  I woke the next morning, and thought about skipping the gym, but then I thought about the fact that my metabolism was down an extra 1%, and I thought about those donuts and that salted caramel sauce.  And then I decided a post birthday workout was an absolute must.  This time next year, with the rate my metobalism is dropping, the post birthday work out will be a half marathon just to burn off dinner!  Oh the joys of another birthday, another year older.  But honestly?  I feel 21.  And I’m proud to be 37, and fit, healthy and happy!  I can’t wait to see what this next year has in store for me.  Bring it on.

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