Bank Holiday Weekend | Boating in Henley

We decided to escape London this past weekend, and make our way to Henley-on-Thames for some strolling along the river, some lunch in the pub and a chance to relax and wind down from our usual busy lives.

We arrived on Saturday, just in time for lunch and found ourselves a table right next to the river at The Angel pub.

The sun shone, we stuffed our faces and immediately felt a million miles away from city life.

After lunch, we made our way along the path next to the Thames, watching the hustle and bustle of the boats on the river.

Along the way, we came across some of the most beautiful houses and cottages, the one above being our favourite. It’s perfect in every way!

I should probably add a disclaimer here that The Boy Next Door was NOT, I repeat, NOT posing for this photo. He would be mortified if you thought he was. I just took a sneaky snap when he wasn’t looking!

I decided that I’d like to live in the white house above, with my boat parked outside. Must. Win. The. Lottery.

Continuing on along the boardwalk, we soaked up the last of the rays before heading to our B&B, Reachview, to check-in and head for dinner before eagerly getting back home to watch another episode of Breaking Bad. We are so Rock n Roll.

After a cooked breakfast and porridge at the B&B the next morning, we checked out and made our way back down to the river.

You can hire 4 seater motor boats for an hour, so that is exactly what we did. We were given ‘Scampi’ the boat to motor around the Thames in.

I let TBND go first, so I could snap away and take photos.

‘Straight ahead please Skipper!’

It was only a matter of time before I was done with being a passenger. I love driving, be it a car or a boat. So I took over at the wheel, accelerated as fast as little Scampi could go and we were off!

We passed rowers, swans and baby ducklings.

The houses along the river were picture perfect.  I particularly liked the properties that allow you to pull up to your front door in your boat. Will add that to the Must Buy list.

Stomach’s rumbling, it was time to bid farewell to our little boat Scampi and to Henley and find a good pub for lunch.

Making a little pit stop in Bray, home to Heston Blumenthals Fat Duck restaurant, I found Stuart Cottage, and think this little place is a perfect size for 5ft 2 me!

Continuing on, we finally found a pub to stop at for a roast lunch. Yum in every way.

YpfPO_ on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

…. The Boy Next Door looks a little annoyed, he wasn’t, I think this was a ‘Are you taking ANOTHER photo?!’ look on his face. ;o)

dBXNZG on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

Back in London, we felt like we’d been on vacation. It’s amazing what 24 hours at a slower pace can do to rejuvenate you. I’m already looking forward to my next visit to Henley, and hopefully an even faster hire boat next time!

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