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I love looking at people’s holiday snaps, and I also love looking at their outfits!  I’m a girl, we’re naturally nosey when it comes to that stuff, well most of us anyway!

Having just returned from the Amalfi Coast, Italy with The Boy Next Door, I stared at my hundreds of photos and wondered how best to break them up into different posts.  And so I decided to start with a What I Wore post.

I love planning and deciding wayyyyy in advance which outfits I’m going to pack for a trip. I gather inspiration and looks mostly from my favourite fashion bloggers, as I’m definitely more of a fashion admirer that a fashion inspirer.  So I’ve put together this rather photo heavy post on the various outfits I donned in Italia.

Starting with my ‘airport’ outfit above, super comfy for the plane ride and light and airy for the Italian heat.  Hat from Rubi in New Zealand, T-shirt from H&M, Denim shorts (cut shorter by me) from H&M and Birkenstocks in stone colour.


You’ll see a bit of a theme here as to where I tend to buy my clothes, as I very rarely spend a lot on an outfit, and purchase most items from UK high street stores.

The outfit above consists of an All Saints light grey vest, H&M denim shorts, Havaianas, H&M sunglasses and a Topshop handbag.


Sometimes I am so thankful that I haven’t been ruthless with a few items of clothing and sent them off to the charity store, and this includes the items in the photo above!  I’ve owned the vest and shorts for a VERY long time, in fact I have no idea where the vest is from, but I suspect it’s from Zara, the denim shorts are mostly definitely Zara and again Havaianas and H&M sunglasses.



Havaianas and a red shellac pedicure.


It makes me laugh when I think about this dress, as I’ve had quite a few comments and questions asking where I bought it.  I am signed up to a website called Sales Gossip that send me emails when various stores are having sales.  Just by chance, they were featuring this dress on a random website, and it cost me £9!!!!  Okay fine, in the end it cost me about  £19, as my short little legs mean that pretty much every dress needs hemming, but still, what a bargain.



On the small streets of Positano, before I devoured that delicious peach popsicle, we snapped this pic in which I’m wearing the H&M tee and shorts mentioned earlier, blue Havaianas and H&M sunglasses.



Looking all ballerina-like and as if butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth, I wore another old favourite to dinner on this particular evening, my ‘Sound of Music’ dress I purchased quite a few summers ago from Topshop.


Blue Havaianas and that red shellac pedi.


There will always be a huge part of me that just LOVES trendy, street style clothes and I couldn’t resist when I saw this LA basketball vest for sale in H&M.  Denim shorts, as before, (H&M) and Havaianas.



Some pre-dinner photo snaps on the shore of Amalfi, wearing a yellow All Saints vest, my H&M denim shorts and white leather Converse.



Oh Sunshine how I love you, feeling full and happy after a delicious lunch, I relaxed in the water taxi in my blue Cos bikini and my H&M denim shorts and sunglasses.


Anchored on the beach of Atrani on a gloriously sunny day, this bikini cost £4, HELLLOO!, from Primark.  My Knicks cap is from Madison Square Gardens when I watched the Knicks vs The Bulls a couple years back, H&M sunglasses and Havaianas.


(Shameless Selfie!)


On the stairs of the cathedral in Atrani, and before we made our way up to Ravello, The Boy Next Door captured these pics of me in my Zara sundress, H&M sunglasses and Havaianas.



Pulling silly faces in one of the beautiful villas in Ravello.


Now this bikini has seen me through many a summer vacation!  I think it might be from Topshop, but I really don’t remember.  Havaianas, H&M sunglasses and the most delicious Magnum ice cream.  I was cool, calm and collected, until this happened….

wPv7Cb on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs


The cobbled streets of Atrani, pre-dinner in my H&M dress, Office leather flip flops, with Top Shop handbag.


It’s a shame I don’t have a full length shot of this dress, but I’m sure it won’t be the last time I wear it this summer.  It was the first thing I purchased as soon as we’d booked our flights.  A gorgeous bright yellow and white number from Cos, I adore this dress!


Looking grumpy, but actually this was my ‘people are watching me and I’m feeling awkward’ face, standing in my Cos yellow cotton dress, another firm favourite I purchased before the holiday.IMG_2341-Version-253e49a2790b5e.jpg


She smiles!


amalfi 2

Amalfi gets really full up with tourists, so this was one of those ‘jump into the street and press the shutter button real quick’ photos!  Wearing a Uniqlo white tee, Zara denim shorts and Havaianas.


Our final day, waiting for the ferry to depart Amalfi (boohoo!) I travelled back to London with my new Panama hat purchased in Amalfi, an H&M linen tee, H&M grey denim shorts, grey Birkenstocks and my Topshop handbag.

So there we have it, my outfits, minus about 9 different bikinis!  The Boy Next Door was responsible for all of these photos, and he took such great shots with such great patience, so I think I’ll keep him on as my personal photographer for the time being ;o)

And I managed to catch a few great shots of him too, a rare occasion as he much prefers to be behind the lens rather than in front of it.   But it’s only fair I sneak in a few of him ….


Definitely his ‘people are watching me, HURRY UP’ look.


Oh a smile, success!!


Looking very cool, chilling out on the boat in Positano.


ANOTHER smile, I am such a good photographer! ;o)

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Coming up in the next Amalfi post: What I Ate.  Stay Tuned!

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