A Year Older In Amalfi | Da Adolfo

It seems over the past few years, every time I turn another year older, I’m on vacation in the paradise that is Amalfi, Italy. I make a point of returning here every August. Why? Because it has become a home away from home for me, a place where I descend the stairs to the piazza and a huge weight is lifted off my shoulders. I see welcoming familiar faces, and my usual hectic speed of life finally slows to snail pace. You can read more here about my Amalfi addiction.

This year, my parents joined me in Italy and so the plan was to have lunch at a restaurant my friend had once told me about. On further investigation of this restaurant, Da Adolfo, I discovered just how popular this little place actually was. Documented in various online articles and magazines, I had a sneaking suspicion lunch was going to be very, very good.

Catching the ferry from Amalfi to Positano, we waited patiently on the dock, in search of the boat with the red fish. It soon turned up and a group of us were helped aboard.

Ten minutes later, Da Adolfo and its tiny little beach were in view. Sitting down at the restaurant, the best way to describe this place is with the comment I made to my dad, “I feel like I’m on the set of Gilligan’s Island’. It was shabby, it was cute, it was remote, and it was the perfect place to turn another year older.

The staff at Da Adolfo are super friendly and helpful, making suggestions and giving advice on what to choose from the chalkboard menu. I’d read an article recommending mozarella served on lemon leaves, so they were first to be taste tested.  Food perfection.

Next up was spaghetti with garlic and olive oil.  It never fails to amaze me that something so simple can taste so damn good. It was DELICIOUS.

Seafood is their speciality and so main course had to be fish with a mixed salad. It was such a treat to eat something so fresh.

My mum and I decided to share dessert and I wanted her to try an Amalfi Coast favourite, ricotta and pear cake. This cake is so worth getting fat for!

If you find yourself on the Amalfi coast at some stage, and trust me when I tell you that you really should make your way there, do not miss this little slice of Italian perfection.

Da Adolfo, thank you for making my birthday memorable! x

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