A Somerset Weekend | And Plenty of Food

Escaping London on the weekend is becoming somewhat of a habit lately. Last Friday evening we hightailed it to Somerset to stay with TBND’s dad. I knew my stay would A. guarantee relaxation and B. guarantee plenty of delicious food, with all three of us being greedy food lovers.

The boys left early on Saturday for golf, giving me the first half of the day all to myself, allowing me to relish in the silence of the countryside, drink coffee and work on my upcoming blog site.

The return of the boys in the afternoon, meant we all turned our attention to lunch. Bresaola, rocket and parmesan. Sure beats a sandwich! We spent the rest of the afternoon lazing around, with TBND feeling on edge due to the upcoming England vs New Zealand Rugby Sevens match at Twickenham. I am not a rugby fan, so it doesn’t bother me either way who wins, which irritates TBND even more. But I love to wind him up about it nonetheless. We were heading to the coast of Dorset for dinner that evening, so we had to leave the house before the game had started. Oh the tension!

TBND’s dad took us to a restaurant in West Bay, Dorset called Riverside. A seafood restaurant nestled in a harbour, our tastebuds were in for a treat.

I promised to check the England vs New Zealand results on my phone, and would you believe it, England had won. You can imagine the huge grin on TBND’s face. I think he’s having a celebratory olive in the photo above.

Our starters arrived, dressed crab, halloumi beignets and scallops.  All super tasty!

We moved on to our main course. I chose the Parmesan crusted Hake with samphire and it was truly delicious.

We decided to go completely off the rails when we looked at the dessert menu and spotted Treacle Tart and Toffee Sundae.

Feel utterly satisfied after our amazing dinner, we took a little tour around the harbour, with great intentions of getting out of the car to breathe in the sea air. But it was cold, and windy, and I figured I’d seen enough ocean in my life that viewing it from the warmth of the car was fulfilling enough on this occasion.

Following a lazy start to Sunday, we again turned our attention to our lunch plans. The sun was shining, therefore steak on the barbeque seemed a very good idea. TBND and I had been talking all week about making mac n cheese, so we decided there was no better time to make it and serve it on the side, along with Jersey royal potatoes and a salad.

We settled on a baked mac n cheese recipe, which was UN-BE-LIEV-A-BLY GOOD! I will be posting the recipe later this week and you do NOT want to miss this.

Breadcrumbs, cheese, pasta. Does it get any better?!

The finished result.  A plate of food heaven!

A mouthful of mac n cheese and that dimpled grin = one happy guy.

A forkful of mac n cheese and a sparkle in my eyes = one happy gal.

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There may have been salted caramel ice cream and marshmallows inhaled after lunch, but with no photographic evidence you can’t prove anything ;oP

We drove back to London with bellies full and ready to face another working week. Oh and one other thing. New Zealand won the final of the Rugby Sevens. England came third. That is all. ;o)


    • Howdy madame! Don’t worry I feel hungry looking at those photos too, and no treats until Sunday now! I use a Canon DSLR and then I edit the photos on iPhoto. xx

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