A Lovely Moment.

A Lovely Moment

A lovely thing happened yesterday.  I received an email from a blogger, thanking me for the comment I had left on one of her posts.

I had followed this blogger for some time, she also happens to be a Kiwi girl, and has the most beautiful, successful website that I love to scroll through every so often.  Last year I read one of her posts, which so bravely explained that her world had well and truly been turned upside down.  It was proof that life really is unfair sometimes.

On Monday night I typed in her blog URL, having not been on the site for awhile, and I saw the most amazing post. She is moving to Paris for 3 months this April. I was so impressed by her bravery and willingness to throw caution to the wind despite the hardships she’s endured. In this particular post she showed concern for the fact that she is doing this alone, and that certain things like eating out alone feel a bit, well, weird for her as she’s not used to doing so, and she’ll inevitably be doing a fair bit of solo eating when she moves to Europe.  I couldn’t help but leave a comment at the end of her post. Mostly because I think she is awesome for taking this leap of faith, but to also let her know that travelling solo and all the other parts that come with it is the most amazing adventure. I have done it so many times that sitting alone in a restaurant feels 100% normal to me, and I love that through travelling I know how capable I am on my own. I posted my message to her and went to bed.

Yesterday morning I woke and dressed for work. I always leave 15 minutes to sit down at my laptop before I need to race out the door.  I opened my email and spotted an unread message from this particular blogger. Clicking on it, I read through her message and smiled to myself, so happy to receive such a heartfelt message from a girl who is a stranger to me.  She thanked me so many times for my comment I left and for letting her know she will be just fine on her solo mission to Paris.  I could have read her Paris post and not bothered to leave a comment, thinking maybe she won’t read it, but I left one because I think it’s so important to tell someone how others perceive them, because we often don’t see in ourselves the qualities that others do.

The whole interaction was such a lovely moment.  I was so inspired and full of admiration for her ability to pick herself up despite the bad times, and continue on creating happy moments.

It made me think of all the friends I have, the ones who’ve also suffered hardships, particularly over this past year, and how we’ve all shared supportive words between us, to inspire and to simply put a smile on each others face.

Life is truly unfair sometimes.  But this interaction with this lovely blogger reminded me of the importance of reaching out, sharing your story and supporting one another.  Even when that person is a stranger.

A Lovely Moment might just happen when you do.


  1. Dear Annmaree,

    I just read the other blog you mentioned and, thus, stumbled on yours for the first time. It’s beautiful and I’m looking so forward to getting home from work to start rummaging through all your pictures and stories.

    Take care

    • Hi Anne, thank you so much for your very sweet message!! I hope you enjoy some of my posts, if you like food especially then you’re in the right company ;o) Have a lovely day, Annmaree x

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