Home Made Candles for Christmas

Home made candles

Home made candles


If there’s one surefire way to make your life more crazy around the festive season, it’s deciding to make home made gifts.  I am the first to admit I’m a complete sucker for punishment and have spent the past month making everything from jam and personalised packs of granola for little Boxing Day Brunch gift packs, to iced and decorated polar bear cookies, my first ever gluten free Christmas cake, and home made candles.  I just can’t help myself, and wonder if perhaps I was Amish in a past life?

I’d become fixated on the idea of home made candles, after seeing so many beautiful ones in stores and markets around London and also overseas.  I absolutely love a good candle, anything from Jo Malone or The White Company and I’m in scented heaven.  So curiosity got the better of me, and I decided to investigate exactly how one goes about making their own home made candles.

Home made candles

Google and YouTube showed me the general gist of candle making, and the information on 4 Candles allowed me to choose the right type of wax and wick and learn new candle making related words like ‘pooling’ and ‘tunnelling’.  With supplies arrived, I got down to business. I was under no illusion that my first attempt would be anywhere near perfect, but I managed to melt the soya wax, glue gun the wicks into the jars and pour in my wax to  have something that actually resembled a proper candle!

I had scented my candles with a mulled wine fragrance, but sadly the candles are pretty much scentless, so it’s back to the drawing board on how to fix that problem when I attempt round two of candle making in the new year.

Searching Pinterest for inspiration to make personalised labels, I whipped these up on my Mac, and printed them out on standard sticky label paper.  I’ve given these out to friends and family for Christmas with little sachets of mulled wine spices tied to them, and can’t wait to keep perfecting the process, trying different scents and jars.

Look out friends and family, you may just be getting personalised candles for every birthday and Christmas from here on in!

Home made candles

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