Saturday Brunch | Poppy’s Place

I did something really foolish last week, managing to wipe my external hard drive when I plugged it into my new Mac for the first time. As I started to accept the possibility that I had deleted every single photo from 2005, my bottom lip started to wobble and I think my life flashed before my eyes. This was my worst nightmare. My photos mean absolutely everything to me, they are my souvenir of every vacation, every celebration and every moment that were special to me.

After sobbing down the phone to The Boy Next Door, sounding utterly incomprehensible, I realised just who I needed to contact. Thank goodness for friends that have super powers when it comes to working their magic on computers. I got in touch with my friend Paul, and he thought there may be a chance we could save the data. I wasn’t about to get my hopes up, but just a few hours later, I received a text I never thought I’d see, Paul had recovered the data! Halle-freakin-llujah! I couldn’t believe my luck, and I most certainly owed Paul a huge thank you for saving something so important!

Today I invited Paul to brunch, a very small gesture in comparison to his super powers! We met at Poppy’s Place. Fulham’s hottest new eating spot, serving farm to table breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Poppy’s only opened in March and passing this cafe/restaurant each morning en route to and from the gym, I have witnessed that from day one, it has been unbelievably popular.

Today was looking hit and miss as to whether we’d secure a table. It was full of young trendy Fulham professionals and families, and there wasn’t a spare seat in the place. Thankfully we got lucky and secured a spot at one of the window seats.

Coffee is a must if you’re a fan and consider yourself somewhat of a caffeine snob. They serve Workshop coffee which is a very good thing! Having brunched here last Saturday too, I already knew what I was ordering. Smashed avocado on toast, please! It comes with your choice of poached egg, bacon or chorizo, and today I tried it with bacon. Other brunch options include porridge, English breakfast, or even a burger.

The calm after the midday storm (above), the afternoon is a good time to visit if you want a quiet spot to drink coffee and eat cake. I’m looking forward to dining here for dinner, when the cafe is transformed into a candlelit restaurant with a menu that looks equally as good as its morning offerings.

With coffee consumed, food eaten, and the world’s problems solved by Paul and I, it was time to get moving, down to Jenny James Therapies for a one hour massage. If you are looking for a good deep tissue massage, Jenny is your go-to girl, it’s the best I’ve ever had, and conveniently for me, just one street away from my place! Aaah I love Fulham.

Enjoy your weekend x

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