I Need a Vacation | USA Roadtrip Part 1

I need a vacation.  You too?  I feel slightly like a wilting flower that is desperate for some sunshine and water to perk me right back up again.

In my twenties, I would vacation on average four times per year.  Lately it’s been once per year.  One week a year, to sit down, do nothing and relax.  That would be okay, if I spent the other 51 weeks pacing myself through life.  But I don’t and I never will.  I add to my to-do list daily, which means as I’m walking to the gym I’m scheduling my diary, when I’m in the supermarket I am thinking of blog posts and when I’m trying to have a day of relaxation, I blog/wash/grocery shop/make lists/cook/reply to emails…. etc.

This girl needs a holiday!  So I’ve been scheming and flight searching online, and so far I know I’m going on vacation in August, most likely to Amalfi and in October I’m hoping to head across the pond to my favourite of all favourites, USA.

I can’t get enough of North America.  It’s big, it’s kooky, the citizens are all REALLY loud and REALLY happy, and I sorta feel like I’ve drank too much caffeine whenever I’m there. The vacation is only at the ideas stage, with different plans circulating through my head.  L.A? New York? Vegas? West Coast road trip?  How does one choose?

Whilst daydreaming about the holiday, I suddenly remembered that long ago (2005), I had written a series of posts about one of my all time most amazing vacations.  A one month road trip across USA. Still today, I am itching to do this trip over again.  Maybe next year!  So here I share with you part one, of a trip of a lifetime….

September 2005
My Starbucks latte is fighting off my jetlag as I write.  Looking at that ‘all American’ coffee symbol reminds me of one the best experiences of my life, a road trip from New York to Los Angeles with my friend Anna-Marie, which all ended less than 24 hours ago.

From the moment we boarded the plane, it was obvious the trip was going to be full of laughter and ditzy moments. The air steward jokingly gave me two departure cards in case I made a mistake on the first. I needed a third.

After arriving in New York City, being fingerprinted and photographed at customs, we jumped in a yellow taxi and were on our way to Manhattan.

How great is New York City?  It’s like the popular kid at school, confident and cool.  Thanks to Anna-Marie’s family friends we were living it up in a very swish apartment (maid included).  Located downtown, one block from Wall Street and a few minutes from Ground Zero.

We started our visit with shopping.  I won’t even get started on how great it was or I’ll be here all day. Siteseeing included Central Park, a visit to the Empire State Building and a trip on the Staten Island Ferry.  It sails past the Statue of Liberty and it’s free!

We couldn’t go to New York and not enjoy the nightlife.  Friday evening was spent at a couple of nightclubs with friends, one being Plunge, the rooftop bar on top of the Gansevoort Hotel.  The views were spectacular.

If you’re from New Zealand, do not expect too many people to know where it is located.  When asked, a nightclub security guy replied, ‘That’s in Europe…. Greenland?’  His co-worker told him he was wrong and that it was near Australia.  He replied, ‘Well how am I supposed to know, I didn’t study geology at school’. Geology? Go figure.

Next stop, Belfast, Maine to visit a family close to my heart.  Such a beautiful part of USA, showing off nature at its best.  A huge contrast to NYC.  We had so much fun, going to the local fair, visiting our first diner and fishing on the lake.  Our final evening was spent enjoying dinner outside, next to the bay, at a lobster restaurant.

Back to New York, it was time to collect our hire care and start driving on the wrong side of the road.  If only we could find the road.  We got lost in the airport complex for about an hour.

To Be Continued…


  1. Do it! States is awesome in so many ways! Spare room in Boothbay for ya in August.

    • Dear ‘Anonymous’. We are definitely doing it, as I compromised this morning and gave the opportunity to fly to NYC for £299, so October is a definite! August will be Italy. Do not leave Boothbay until I can visit the Shrimp Princess Pageant!

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