Detour | Lions & Tigers & Camels?! Oh My! – PART 1

I went on a safari last weekend! Well, as ‘safari’ as you can get here in the United Kingdom. TBND’s nephew Jack was turning the grand old age of four, and so we spent the day at Longleat Safari Park to celebrate.  Spread over 900 acres, featuring Longleat House (pictured above) and its beautiful gardens and also an adventure park, this was guaranteed to be an action packed day.

I’d been unbelievably excited about visiting Longleat from the very moment we received a phone call to tell us of the birthday plans.  I’ve been to a safari park in South Africa where I was bullied and jumped on played with rather large lion cubs, and saw some amazing animals up close.  Yet, I was still excited for Britain’s version of a drive-thru safari.

I apologise in advance, and warn you, that there are a lot of photos attached, but they are all so worthy of viewing.  There’s even a Part 2 to this post, because I took around 350 photos over the weekend!

We woke up to a perfectly warm, sunny day and made our way to Wiltshire, starting out at Longleat’s African Village, where I get the feeling you can see just how excited I was for this day.

We said hello to the giraffes who were wandering about, and taking advantage of the food on offer.

This guy seemed a little camera shy, hiding behind the tree.

I just KNEW long legs aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.  How awkward does this look, all for a simple lay down in the shade!

We sadly bypassed the monkey enclosure.  As the sign shows above, the monkeys are a little too keen on destroying the exterior of your car and no one in our group was up for my idea of just bubble wrapping the cars.

Two cheeky monkeys.

This gang just casually strolled on by, past the cars.

And that is not a face to be messed with!

The camels came to say hello, and we may have forgotten to put the car windows up amongst the excitement and hilarity of it all.  Oops!

hZaxQH on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

As we arrived at the deer enclosure, we were all a little prejudice making ‘they’re going to be boring’ and ‘I’m not really that interested in deer’ comments.  How wrong could we be!  This turned out to be one of my favourite parts of the day.  Due to the fact you can pull up to the drive-thru window and purchase deer food, making for a very entertaining 10 minutes of extremely hungry deer confidently strolling up to the car and taking a look through the car window to see what was on offer.

Every which way I turned, there was a deer getting up close and personal with the camera lens!

We departed the deer enclosure, and came across Anne the elephant.  She’s the UK’s last ever circus elephant, brought to Longleat to enjoy a life of eating, sleeping and mooching around.

I see London, I see France, I see a Tiger amongst the plants!  The grand finale of the safari park was the lion and tiger enclosure.  They weren’t really interested in the cars and passengers, with most of them being fast asleep in the shade.  But there was momentary excitement when a couple just casually strolled between cars to find a new spot to sleep.

The cubs and their giant paws were very cute.  From the safety of the car and its windows wound up!

The safari part of the day came to an end and our minds turned to food.  Time to find a sunny picnic spot… To Be Continued.

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