Goodbye January | Hello February



Okay, HOW is it February already?  Life is definitely speeding up right?  I’m still having mulled wine withdrawals and yet Pancake Day is just around the corner.

They say time flies when you’re having fun, they also say time goes quicker the older you get.  Take your pick which category you fall into!

January really did go by in a flash, and I started to have an ‘OMG we’re a month down already and maybe I haven’t achieved enough this month/planned any travel/seen my friends enough’ moment.  Luckily for me, because I love lists, I was able to open Notes on my iPhone and console myself by seeing all the things on my to-do list that I’ve ticked off.


So far I’ve worked on decluttering my room, which still has a long way to go, but I kinda just want to get rid of everything, well kinda, but everything that I really don’t need.  I’ve worked on keeping my anxious mind in check, reading articles to help, listening to those weird ‘soothing voices’ on Mindfulness YouTube videos (why do they always speak sooo deep and sooo slow?) and trying to ‘be in the moment’.  Yah, that’s me in the photo above being in the moment in the park on a sunny day last week, hah!


I’ve not seen enough of my friends over January, due to recovering from being unwell in France over New Year, and then getting some pain in the arse virus which is now on to week 3, so I’ve avoided passing that on to friends! BUT I did have a few coffee catch up’s with girlfriends in between illness one and illness two, so it wasn’t ALL bad.  Hoping February is a little more social!


I’ve hit up a few new coffee shops, and I love that Brickwood Cafe have moved into Tooting Market (that’s their hot chocolate in the photo above), and psssst a little bird told me that Franco Manca is about to move in there too!


I always add ‘cook new recipes’ to my New Years to-do list and so far I’ve made a gazillion different, delicious recipes! Everything from my first batch of Pronuts to Raweo’s, butternut squash and goats cheese ‘healthy’ pizza. I’m determined to test more of the recipes I endlessly pin on Pinterest! Watch this space for those recipes.


Lastly I’ve been thinking about vacations for 2016 and where I want to go. I need to make up for last year when travel was not a priority! NYC in April is my main goal for now and maybe a weekend trip in Europe in March, because why not? Time is precious, and I don’t want to waste it!

Next goal: What I’m going to make for Pancake Day. I’ll be sure to let you know.

Here’s to a fab month ahead!


    • Hi Sarah, Pancake Day is Shrove Tuesday, and here in UK we shovel down a bunch of pancakes! Best celebration ever ;o)
      Travel plans are yet to be fully confirmed, NYC in April, some Europe trips, and dreaming about returning to Greek Islands for a yacht trip, and maybe Japan if funds allow! It’s all about the money! Sadly! Ps you might want to read the post again, when you read it the post was missing the ending, as I was having an issue with my site!

  1. Even with illness your January still sounds pretty good- nice and mellow. I hope you get your travel plans going; I’ve managed to book a day trip to Paris in March which I’m so excited about but I really want to head to Copenhagen this year for a long weekend.


    • Thanks Kelsey! I finally feel ‘normal’ again, goodbye bugs and viruses, back in the gym this morning! The travel plans are hopefully getting sorted in the next few weeks.

  2. Hi there. To clarify on the fact that you stated Brixton Market purchased Tooting Market. Not true. I operate Tooting Market and no sale has ever been discussed or contemplated. Franco Manca is opening soon though.

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