Detour | Sunday Strolling in Hampstead

Carluccio's Hot Chocolate

Carluccio's Hot Chocolate

So winter arrived in London last weekend.  One day it’s like 13 degrees, and then BAM, the next day it’s freezing.  Talk about a shock to the system!

I don’t know what it is about a winter’s day that makes me want to go on a walk.  I mean, shouldn’t I just want to stay inside, camped out on the sofa watching bad tv?  Nope.  I want to layer up, buy hot chocolate and walk through one of London’s beautiful parks.  So that’s exactly what happened on Sunday afternoon.  A wintery walk through Hampstead Heath.

Hampstead Heath

We arrived at Hampstead Heath mid afternoon, and for some reason I assumed the Heath would be empty.  But I couldn’t have been more wrong!  It seemed my idea of a winter’s day stroll was a popular one, there were people and dog’s everywhere.  It was so nice to see, especially the dog’s racing around with pure glee.

Hampstead Heath

We wandered up and down hill, over grass, jumping mud pit’s and trying to work out on Google maps where the hell we actually were.  It’s easy to get lost in that giant Heath!

Hampstead Heath

The skies were starting to darken (at 4.00pm!!), and the temperature was cooling down.  I had my mind on hot chocolate, and even more so after seeing this pup brave the freezing water to retrieve his ball. Brrrr!


We wandered back to Hampstead Village and spotted a Carluccio’s, so we head inside to order hot chocolate’s.

hot chocolate

I don’t usually drink hot chocolate, but it seems like such a warming thing to do on a winter’s day, and it just so happened I’d done the same thing the day before.  So now I’m obsessed with finding London’s best hot chocolate!  Carluccio’s was a letdown, but the Saturday’s cup from Prestat in Sloane Square was pretty delicious.  (Do let me know if you have a favourite London spot for hot chocolate!)


With hot chocolate warming us up, we strolled through Hampstead Village admiring all the food stores.  This butcher was just amazing, with it’s own wine and cheese shop located in the back, but we did decide against buying the £17 chicken for our evening’s dinner.  £17!? For a chicken?!

Christmas pudding

I spied Christmas puddings in the butcher’s shop too, that brought on an intense craving and led to a wild goose chase of trying to find a gluten free pud before the supermarkets shut at 5pm.

Artichoke Hampstead

With one last stop at Artichoke, to buy delicious organic veg for our Sunday night roast, we then head off towards home, to cook our roast and watch Christmas movies, because, well what else do you do on a Sunday night at this time of year!?

Some days I love winter x


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