Goodbye Daylight Savings, I’ll Miss You!

Daylight Savings

It’s happened. Daylight Savings has ended.  At 2am this morning, the clocks sprung back and it magically became 1am again. The strange thing is, I don’t even remember Summer starting in the UK yet for 2015? (That’s because it never turned up). And here were are, about to be plunged into months of darkness.

So there are two things I was thankful for this morning.  The first is my iPhone, because I do remember back to the days when you’re pretty sure your mobile phone was sophisticated enough to recognise the whole time change thing during the beginning and end of daylight savings, but then not being 100% confident that your phone had actually changed time, and spending half the morning wondering what the time was.  And yes I could’ve just checked the clock in the kitchen, but if you were like me and happened to live in a flatshare, you had no way to know if one of your over eager housemates had already changed the clocks, so basically you were screwed.  Now I have complete faith in my iPhone, to do it’s thing at 2am and sort out the time, so when I wake up I don’t have to spend all morning wondering ‘yeah, but is that reaaaaaally the time?’.

As for the bathroom and microwave clock, welllllll they might get changed eventually, and not because I’m lazy, but because the instruction manual has long disappeared and how the hell anyone is meant to work out which buttons to press to get the hours and minutes to change is beyond me.  If we leave them as is, then we’ll just be super organised for the start of daylight savings in 2016.  Efficient.

The second thing I was thankful for this morning?  Yes, I was one of those people that stayed asleep and completely utilised that extra hour given to us.  The only good thing about this whole time change malarkey.  Ten hours I slept, I was bloody exhausted.  And I don’t have kids, so between my black out curtains and my sleeping mask keeping me deep in la la land, the only thing that woke me up was my alarm.

And that brings me to the end of anything positive about daylight savings.  The rest is just DEPRESSING.  So depressing, I’ll probably convince myself I have Seasonal Affective Disorder (aka S.A.D. Hah that always amuses me!) at least three times this winter.  And I’ll spend a number of hours Google searching SAD Lamps, those special lights that are meant to help balance you, so you’re less depressed, less psycho, by replacing what sunlight would usually do and feeding you some serotonin inducing light.   But then I’ll see they cost around £125, and then I’ll remember that Office shoe store is about to go on sale, and £125 is like three pairs of shoes, and that thought will make me happy, and then I’ll realise I don’t actually have S.A.D., I just needed to go shopping to sort my mood out.

The other thing that slight terrifies me, is the fact that this will be my first time working as a freelancer for the whole of winter.  And I’m worried I might NEVER LEAVE THE HOUSE!  Because that would mean having to get out of my tracksuit/onesie/ugg boots and why would I want to do that?  I may just become Ocado’s number one grocery customer.

I just read online that the average amount of sunlight in December is 7hr 40 minutes, I mean WTF? I can feel S.A.D kicking in already!  Mother Nature is shouting from the treetops ‘WELCOME TO THE DARK SIDE!’, and I just don’t know if I’m ready for it.  Which is why I might just escape to the southern hemisphere for a holiday.  And sunlight. And a suntan.  No SAD lamps needed there.  Good luck everyone, we’re about to go into battle, here comes winter, see you when I finally leave my house again in March 2016.

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