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Dairy Free

Dairy Free

If you’re looking at that photo above of the Acai Bowl I ate last weekend, and you’re NOT thinking ‘I NEED THAT NOW!’, then I’m sorry there’s something malfunctioning in your brain!

So you might have read my last post about me swigging Raw Apple Cider Vinegar on a daily basis, along with inhaling a cocktail of vitamins and supplements.  All in the name of healing my body so everything is working in peak condition!  This also means refraining from dairy, sugar, tap water (hormones and antibiotics are lurking in there) and trying to get to bed on time, which I’ve miserably failed at the last few nights.

Whilst I’ve had no sugar cravings since I started all this 1.5 weeks ago, it is always nice to feel like you can have a little treat in the weekend!  It’s pretty obvious that burgers and ice cream are out of the question but in no way does this mean I had to sip on vegetable broth whilst others were tucking into a slice of pizza.  I luckily knew exactly where to go to get a fix of something good.  And so I thought I’d share those little London hotspots with you, just in case you’re on some sort of health kick too.

On Saturday morning we popped into my local Wholefoods to chat with the nutrionist who kickstarted all this vitamin popping, and I was SO BLOODY PLEASED when he suggested I should eat a square of Dairy Free and Raw chocolate each day.  I didn’t need to be told twice!  I was down those stairs and over to the raw chocolate aisle as quick as lightning.  There’s lots of good stuff in raw chocolate, but do make sure you pick a really high cacao/cocoa content so you’re getting the best hit of antioxidants possible.  I also grabbed a tiny box of Booja Booja Raspberry Raw Truffles because they are the best damn truffles you will ever eat, raw or not!

Dairy Free

By the time our jaunt around Wholefoods was done, it was time to turn our focus towards lunch.  But when you’re avoiding sugar, dairy and gluten, you really need to have a game plan so you’re not wandering aimlessly around London trying to find something to eat.

I knew exactly where to head to!  We jumped on a bus up the road to Chelsea, and grabbed a seat at The Good Life Eatery where we ordered their Corn and Polenta Fritters, with poached eggs, tomato salsa, and avocado butter.  I grabbed myself an unsweetened almond milk latte too and we felt very smug enjoying something so delicious, yet within our healthy eating guidelines.

Dairy Free coffee

Fancying something a little sweeter, and with Tanya’s Cafe just around the corner (I swear Chelsea is THE place for raw/organic/sugar free/dairy free/gluten free fans!) we popped in and marvelled at the ‘dessert’ cabinet.  Guys, that cabinet is unreal.  There are so many amazing gluten, dairy free and raw treats to choose from!  We finally settled on a slice of Chocolate and Peanut Butter Cake (photo above) and some Caramel Bites which were devoured so quickly I didn’t take a picture, but they were our absolute favourite!

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Sunday morning rolled around and it was time to think about a late breakfast.  There was no thinking twice about where to go though.  Juicebaby ticked all the boxes.  I’d been dreaming of having an Acai Bowl all damn weekend, and I needed to make that dream a reality.  So jumping in the car back to Chelsea (told you it’s healthy food heaven!), we ordered cashew milk latte’s (photo above) and Acai Bowls.  It’s like eating pudding, but for breakfast, with the added bonus of it not catapulting itself in the direction of your thighs, thanks to its holier than thou ingredients.  The Juicebaby Acai Bowl contains wild acai berry, frozen banana, dates, almond butter, coconut chips, raisins, sweet beet buckwheat, sliced banana, kiwi and blueberries.  Just typing that is making me hungry!

This weekend I’m meeting some girlfriends on Saturday and we’re going to try out The Farm Girl Cafe in Notting Hill.  It’s going to be difficult to choose between their Acai Bowl and their Buckwheat Berry Pancakes, but I’ll let you know what I decide!

I’d love to hear if you visit any of the places mentioned in my post!  Happy Healthy Eating!

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