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lucuma caramel brownies

lucuma brownies

I’m pretty sure I’ve never met a person who truly hates brownies.  I know many a fussy brownie connoisseur –  ‘it must be gooey in the middle’, ‘cakey brownies are the only type I eat’ etc etc, but no actual haters.

I have however met a few people that don’t like chocolate (WEIRDO’S), or some that prefer the flavour of caramel.

So I decided to experiment with my recipe for Raw Chocolate Brownies and create a diet friendly recipe for Raw Caramel Brownies.

lucuma powder

I’d been reading up on the powers of the latest superfood powder, Lucuma, – pronounced loo-soo-ma (best we clear that up now before we have a situation similar to those that think quinoa is pronounced kee-no-wa, or worse, tortilla pronounced tor-till-a).

I am a total geek when it comes to indulging in knowledge on all these super foods, it’s pretty interesting stuff!  Lucuma powder is made from the lucuma fruit that grows in Peru, it’s low GI, and contains loads of goodness including b-vitamins, iron, zinc, calcium and protein.  And the great thing about it?  It has a maple/caramel flavour, so you can sprinkle on yoghurts, blend into smoothies or make these Raw Caramel Brownies!

raw caramel brownies

One suggestion I’d make when buying ingredients for this recipe, is to visit Arabic food stores to purchase the medjool dates.  You’ll get much more for your money than if you popped into Waitrose to purchase some. (Sorry Waitrose, I do love you and I buy EVERYTHING else from you.  Except for the occasional time when I cheat on you and pop into Wholefoods).

So get going, and let me know if you make some brownies!

lucuma caramel brownies

Raw Caramel Brownies


2 cups of pitted medjool dates (they MUST be medjool dates)

1 cup of unsalted mixed nuts (you can use whichever nuts you prefer)

3 tablespoons of lucuma powder 

2 tablespoons of maple syrup (the real stuff, NOT the flavoured stuff, or rice syrup if you prefer)

raw caramel brownies


Place the nuts in a food processor and blend until they are crumbly but don’t blend them into a powder like texture, leave a bit of crunch.

Add the dates and blend together with the nuts, until it forms a sticky ball.

Add the lucuma powder and maple and blend again until everything is combined.

Press the raw caramel brownie mixture into a baking tray and freeze for one hour to set the brownies.

Cut the brownies to your preferred size and keep in the fridge, in a sealed container.

raw caramel brownies


    • My beloved Waitrose charges something like £3.50 for like 8 dates! RIDCULOUS! I got 1kg for £8 in a store in Fulham! They are delicious and were perfect for when I gave up Dark Chocolate for lent – which fyi I think I need to give up again, got some sitting next to me right now. Willpower – zero.

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