Boxing Day, BBQ’s & The Beach | New Zealand


Boxing Day is always a relaxed affair, which is a welcome relief after the madness that Christmas Day brings.  The sun was beating down from early morning, and I planned to make the most of those rays.


The munchkins wanted to take their scooters to the local skate park, so off we set through the waterways, which never gets boring to look at.  Those houses, those palm trees, those ridiculously large boats parked up.



Seth never misses out, he always joins in on the walks!


Little Miss Jemma scooted around the skate bowl like a pro. The only girl amongst the boys, she completely ignored the chaos of skateboards and bikes surrounding her, singing out loud to herself and shooting the occasional death stare at any of the boys that cut her off.  Bad move boys, you do not mess with this pocket rocket.


Josh was a little less about the singing out loud to himself and more about the amount of height he could get on jumps whilst parading his new Christmas gift, his Arsenal football kit (I have one very impressed boyfriend, Arsenal for life apparently).


The rest of the family cheered from the sidelines.



Seth was a little less interested in the antics at the skate park and a lot more interested in getting cuddles from Mikala.


After an hour of scooting around, we packed up and made our way back towards home.  Some walking, some too lazy to walk!


But they soon got put to work.



A little perusing around the local shops for the girls and a small play (and a lot of posing) at the local playground, en route.

img_5669 (1)

No sooner had we arrived back at the house and we heard that familiar music.  The ice cream truck.  This creates excitement from the thought of ice cream – sheer panic at finding spare change in time – and a sprint down the driveway to flag down the truck!

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But it’s all worth it!


And it’s difficult to deny this face an ice cream.


Or this one for that matter.


Two happy munchkins.


With the sun still putting on a spectacular performance, I decided to get myself to the beach for the afternoon.  I planned to top up my Vitamin D levels as much as possible on this vacation, before heading back to the dark wintry skies of London.

Bikini on, sunscreen thrown in my beach bag, sunglasses and towel packed, I walked down to the beach, falling in love with all the Pohutukawa trees shining a glorious red.  These are also known as New Zealand Christmas trees, and they truly are the most beautiful Christmas tree you will ever see.


Arriving at the beach, I always take a moment to study the view.  It never gets old looking at this scene.




Vacationers were out surfing, body boarding, playing beach cricket and sunbathing.



I found a patch of sand and lay out my towel ready for an afternoon of snoozing and sunbathing.

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Oh and maybe a few jump shots too. Amazing that I can levitate isn’t it!?

I soaked up the sun for a few hours and as afternoon gave way to early evening, I packed up my stuff and reluctantly dragged myself away from the beach for the day.


Back at the house, the bbq was being fired up and dinner was being prepared.



As the sausages sizzled, the kids could be found climbing the rafters in the garage.  Not dangerous at all!


We sat down for our usual summer dinner of sausages, steak and salad.


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And as always, Seth was there, looking hopeful that something might roll off someones plate.



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More ice cream appeared.  And this little lens lover gave me her best angles as I shot away, giggling to myself, as she needs zero direction.  These were all her own poses.

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Meanwhile her brother insisted on eating his ice cream off a plate, which brought on extreme frustration when it melted too quickly and he could no longer scoop it up.  Yet still refused the helping hand from his mother.  Mr Independent?  Very much so.


So he gave up and found another tactic.


The evening was still warm, and most nights we take a stroll around the waterways.


Jemma had been very lucky and received a bike from Santa, so it was a perfect excuse to take it out for a spin and get her used to riding on two wheels.


She was a natural, and picked it up in no time, causing her father to have to sprint along beside her.


A few wobbles here and there!


She was a pro in no time.


However she may have to learn to share her bike, with her mother taking a liking to it too.

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As we walked around the waterways, admiring the beautiful houses we came across this real estate agent.  ‘It’s a bargain!’.


The sun finally said goodbye, and we head back home.

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It was a girls night in, a total pyjama party, with face masks and all.  And of course, loads of selfies!

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