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pizza menu
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A couple weekends ago we had our friends over for a Pimp My Pizza lunch.  I love a themed event, and this one had sprung to mind earlier in the year, so I’d filed it in my ‘must make this happen’ folder in my brain and we were so lucky that the date we planned ended up being one of the most glorious, sunniest days London had seen all year.

I’d created little menus for us, just using Pages on my Mac, so each of us could tick which toppings we wanted and create our ultimate ‘pimp my pizza’.

Appetisers came in the form of guacamole, of which we made a huge portion.  If anyone’s interested in how to make the best guac recipe: smash some avocado in a bowl with lime, chopped cherry tomatoes, chopped red onion, coriander and salt.  Keeping adding until it tastes just right (the key is the salt and lime!).

Drinks came in the form of frozen margaritas.  Luckily we had Minute Maid frozen pink lemonade in the freezer, all the way from USA, so we used this and blended with tequila, triple sec and ice.  And they were freakin’ deeeeelicious!  I purchased some palm tree cups online to make us feel like we were kicking back somewhere warm and exotic like Miami, and not a suburb in South West London ;o)

For pizzas we purchased stone baked margherita pizzas, and a gluten free cauliflower crust for me ;o)  Then we threw on the toppings as per each persons request on their tick-box menu.  Then we stuffed our faces like little piggies, and it was worth every damn calorie!

What’s a lunch date without dessert?  To finish up, what better than s’mores?!  We topped digestive biscuits with marshmallows and chocolate, grilling them in the oven and then sat outside in the courtyard, stuffing them into our greedy mouths whilst covering our faces in melted marshmallow and chocolate – this is not a recommended first date food lol ;o)

Yay for fun lunch dates with friends, they bring JOY TO MY SOUL!  Now to think up the next theme…. I’m thinking fall/autumn/thanksgiving vibes.  Apple pie comes to mind, who wants an invite?

Annmaree xo

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Pimp my Pizza
pizza lunch
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Pimp my Pizza
Pimp my Pizza


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