24 Things to Love About Autumn & Winter



It’s over guys.  You need to start thinking about winter coats and boots, and how you’ll not go broke over your morning coffee bill.  Autumn is here, but lets not get down and declare ourselves with S.A.D!  Here are 24 reasons why the cooler months ahead aren’t all doom and gloom (lets face it, January is, but the rest are okay!)….

1. No more false hope. No more being let down like you were in summer, when you THOUGHT it might be a warm sunny day. But it wasn’t. Now you can just accept that the dream is over and it’s going to get colder from here on in. Acceptance, seems so much easier than false hope don’t ya think?!

2. Coats. Because this has to be the best thing about winter.  All the beautiful colours and shapes. You know you want a new one, go on, get to the shops!

3. Sunday roasts. There is nowhere better to spend a cold Sunday, than inside a cosy pub, eating a Sunday roast, covered in gravy. Oh gawd, I’m starving.

4. X Factor. There, I said it. I no longer have to find something fun to do on a Saturday evening, in fact I’ll find any excuse to avoid a night out, because I would much rather be screaming at the television like a crazy woman, asking Simon Cowell what the hell he was thinking putting that guy through to bootcamp.

5. Pumpkin Spice Lattes. I still don’t think the UK has completely caught on to this American treat. But guys, they’re so damn good, and they smell like Autumn.

6. Trainers.  Sneakers.  Whatever you call them. You can wear them ALL THE TIME, because they’re perfect cold weather shoes.  And because they’re awesome.

7. Onesies. Don’t you roll your eyes at me. If you’re eye rolling, it’s because you don’t own one, and you don’t know how cosy, warm and utterly perfect they are for the bitter cold months ahead. (Side note, Onesies should NEVER be worn in public.  Draw a line there people!)

8. Halloween, because you’d have to be a real boring b*stard not to find the sight of kids dressed in zombie outfits adorable. And Halloween parties, because any excuse to dress up right!?

9. Pumpkin carving. It’s fun, just trust me.


10. Weekend walks in parks with hot take-out coffee. Okay fine, I hardly ever get around to doing this because I’m too busy sitting inside trying to stay warm, but it IS always on my to-do list, and the parks of London ARE so beautiful in the Autumn and Winter months.

11. Bonfire Night. Okay so it’s not so fun when it spans the whole of November and you’re trying to get to sleep, but you can’t because it’s like World War 3 has started outside your bedroom window. But the London Bonfire night displays are awesome, and you can’t help but ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ at all the pretty colours in the sky.


12. Crunchy leaves. No one is too old or too mature to enjoy kicking autumn leaves around.

13. Thanksgiving.  And no you don’t need to be American.  You just need to like food that’s covered in butter, marshmallows and gravy.

Autumn Brora Cashmere

14. Brora cashmere scarves.  They’re like wrapping a soft hug around your neck.

15. Winter markets.  They pop up everywhere around London.  And they all serve waffles.  And mulled wine.  And other ‘bad for you but it doesn’t matter cause I’m hiding under winter clothes’ goodies.

16. Ankle boots. You need to add to the collection you already own. Because it’s just what you do at this time of year. You don’t need a reason.

17. Pinterest.  It’s cold outside.  There is no better time to feed your Pinterest habit than when its freezing outdoors and you can curl up with your iPad.  Plus you can find 101 creative ways to wrap your Christmas gifts. Of which you’ll pin and use not one idea but instead rush to the nearest Scribbler to wrap everything in a mad rush on Christmas Eve.  Still, it was the thought that counts.

18. Christmas from like September!  But I’m not complaining, because I love Christmas with all my heart.  I love present shopping. I love Christmas carols.  I love mince pies.  I love mulled wine.  You get the idea.  And I can start indulging right now, with Harrods and all the other department stores deciding that September is an appropriate time to start selling their decorations.

Autumn Winter Wonderland

19. Winter Wonderland.  This is the Winter highlight of my calendar year as a Londoner. It’s just so fun, and so Christmasy, and as mentioned above, I love Christmas, so you can imagine how much I love Winter Wonderland.  And yes I do get an inflatable balloon when I visit.

20. New Years Day.  It’s a fresh start.  We all feel like we are going to smash those New Years Resolutions.  We never actually do.  But it’s good to feel utterly motivated for one day of the year.

21. Pancake Day. So you’ve got to get through the whole of January with nothing special going on apart from dark skies and utter misery.  But this should be your focus.  Get to February and you can celebrate a day that insists on you eating pancakes.  I’m no rule breaker, if they say eat pancakes, I’m gonna eat pancakes.

Autumn Coffee

22. Take out coffee.  Okay so you spend half your weekly budget on them, but they are an essential toe warmer for the colder months.  It’s basically coffee, or frostbite. Choose your poison.

23. Tracksuits.  You can wear them inside ALL WINTER LONG.  It’s not like your friends are going to leave the house and come visit you between January and March.  They’re too busy staying warm in their own tracksuit at home.  No one will ever know you own one.  Go on.  Put the tracksuit on.

24. Carb loading. It’s essential survival. Life or death. You need to stay warm and give yourself energy in those colder months. Pass me the pizza.

So let’s recap.  Carb loading.  Onesies.  Roast dinners.  Lots of coffee.  And no more false hope.  Um, sounds okay to me?  Bring it, Winter.

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