Turning 40, Party Photos

Turning 40


Finally sharing some photos from my 40th birthday!  Better late than never!  As some of you know it was the coldest, wettest day of summer in London.  What were the chances!  My dream of a lovely, outdoor summer courtyard party was quickly whipped out from under my feet, when the weather forecast didn’t change at all in the week leading up to turning 40.

We had to make a last minute dash to IKEA to purchase a marquee for the courtyard!  But sparing you all the details, and the fact we had to delay the party by an hour to get everything ready, it turned out pretty damn well!

I spent the best part of August coming up with a colour scheme, creating and printing everything from the popcorn bags, to the wine labels and creating hangover kits for all my guests to take home as goodie bags (I’ll do a separate post on that!).

I thought the party would start at home and end up in the pub later that evening, but the party remained in the kitchen until around 1am, with a lot of dancing, and a lot of wine!

I’ll let the pictures paint the picture of the evening.  I hope you enjoy them!

PS Some of the photos were taken by my fabulously talented friend Bryony who is available  to hire as a photographer for all sorts of things from events to product shots.  Go check out her Instagram to see her work: @findmeintooting

Annmaree x

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