Santaaaaaaaaa! | Christmas Day in New Zealand


It was a Christmas miracle.  The munchkins of the house slept in! Hallelujah! Everyone else was up and waiting for them to discover what Santa had left behind for them.



They didn’t take long to warm up though, and wrapping paper was quickly being torn off gifts, and landing in various piles all over the floor.


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EVERYONE gets gifts on Christmas Day, Seth included.  And he was an absolute pro at tearing off his own wrapping paper too.




And a bone to chew!  One happy dog.



We continued the unwrapping and gifts of all shapes and sizes emerged.  Popcorn makers, iPhone’s, Super hero toys, kites and candy.  I got a selfie stick, 2014’s most popular gift I believe. ;o)


It was time to turn our attention to the next most important thing after gift opening.  FOOD.  Breakfast was to be a feast of pancakes and bacon, drowning in maple syrup.


Seth was keen to help out in the kitchen and taste test anything that was deemed less than satisfactory.  His palate is far from fussy!  I am the first to admit he has me wrapped around his little paw, and so I fed him the first pancake, and he was back for seconds at lightning speed.


Meanwhile, my father, in that amazing apron (I bought it for him in Amalfi) was out whipping up some secret recipe and coating bread in it before grilling it on the bbq.


Looks pretty good huh.


Some finishing touches to the breakfast table and we were ready for Christmas morning breakfast.  Ready, set, go.


The way to do it is to grab a plate, literally grab one of everything, top with yoghurt and banana and pour a mountain of syrup on top.  It’s a very classy affair down under!


To my left was Seth, making sure he didn’t miss out on anything, including any food dropping on the floor.

The sun was shining and hot outside, the joys of a summer time Christmas, so all the little ones head off to go swimming and row boats.


Back at the house, Batman junior came over for a chat.


And showed me his prized Christmas possession, ‘Bumblebee’, a transformer that he didn’t put down for days.  Typical isn’t it, toys everywhere and this tiny little thing is all he wants to play with.  Whilst in his Batman costume of course.


And when you’re Batman Junior, you obviously have muscles to show off too!  Some flexing for the camera.

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It was too lovely to stay indoors and with the good fortune of a paddling pool being under the Christmas tree, the kids were back in swimming costumes and their cousin Josh took great joy in ‘helping’ them cool off, which ignited ear piercing screams and squeals.

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Dinner was prepped, with the help of sous chef Seth again and we devoured roast beef and vegetables, which I ate too quickly to remember to take a snap.


What I did remember to take snapshots of, was dessert.  I was in charge of this department, and having scoured Pinterest for hours I finally made my decision and tried my hand at making the very famous, very delicious Momofuku Crack Pie, and some rocky road.


Everyone dived in, and it soon became very apparent where Crack Pie gets it’s name from. Addictive is the only way to describe this dessert.  We all stared at each other in a sugary stupor, before diving back in for seconds.


The pie had disappeared by Boxing Day morning.  It’s stuff dreams are made of.  And addictions.  And I will share a recipe soon.


Christmas Day was coming to an end, but I grabbed a few of the mini family members and we put on our best selfie faces for some photo’s (note: this one has the most amazing selfie faces, it is hard to keep up with her!).


Batman Junior off duty after a hard day fighting crime and eating candy canes.


My niece Mikala is finally taller than me, I am still in denial and stood on a rock to give me a little boost of height.  Apparently onesies are perfectly acceptable even in the heat of a summer evening.  I chose to stick with tradition and go with a summer dress.


Another Christmas Day over.  It was now time to put my feet up, relax and get this beach holiday started …. To Be Continued.

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