Friday!  Already!  That’s the great thing about a short working work, following a bank holiday.

I’ve got most of my weekend planned out already.  Dinner out tonight, though I’m not sure where just yet, I need to do some research, maybe somewhere new that’s on my food bucket list.

Tomorrow?  Well I’m going to hit that treadmill in the morning and run like Freddy Kruger’s chasing me.  I’ve then got business to attend to, but guess where it is!  Maltby Street Market.  I wish all my business meetings were there.  I think it would be rude of me to have my meeting and then not support the independent traders, so I’ll probably do the gracious thing and buy a gluten free brownie from Bad Brownie, and see which other food I can devour buy to help lend my support.

I’m hanging out with my pint-sized friend Flora on Saturday evening, she’s the sweetest 2 year old, so I actually enjoy spending a Saturday in with her.  It helps that she seems to think I’m awesome.  I’ll take compliments where I can get them. Even from 2 year olds.

And then there’s Sunday… well I’m thinking about a leisurely walk to Tinto Coffee in Fulham, just a few minutes from my home.  It’s the cosiest of cafes, and they have almond milk lattes,  gluten free carrot cake AND gluten free brownies!

Um. I’ve just realised my whole weekend revolves around food. I’m now kinda embarrassed to admit that my next paragraph was going to be telling you that I was considering making my very first raw cheesecake, but I feel like I should make something up and tell you I’m going to visit an art gallery or a museum, just to make my interests seem diverse. But then I’d be a huge liar. I would never prioritise culture before food. #hatersgonnahate

It’s time to get this weekend started, I’m sitting in Juicebaby on the Kings Road, and I see shops in my sight.  This laptop needs to be shut down and put away, asap.

Have a great weekend everyone x

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