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Gluten free in Paris

Gluten free in Paris

When I booked my trip to Paris, the very first thing I did was the same thing I do when I book any other vacation.  I Googled ‘Gluten Free in Paris’.   It makes life so much easier for me if I have a few gf food spots on my list, so I’m not wandering around aimlessly looking for something to eat.  I’m also not one of those people that just views food as fuel.  No.  I want really delicious food, and with Paris being so famous for their patisseries, I was hopeful that someone, somewhere would be baking some gluten free treats that I could indulge in.

I wasn’t disappointed.  It turns out there are quite a few French pastry chefs that suffer from coeliac disease or gluten intolerance, which really isn’t so fun for them, but it means they’ve dedicated themselves to learning the art of gluten free baking, so that their creations taste as good as the gluten filled stuff.

If you’re walking the streets of Paris feeling sorry for yourself that everyone else is indulging in Canelé’s whilst you’re munching on something much less interesting, this list will save you from misery.  I promise even your gluten eating friends will be shocked at just how a-maz-ing these gluten free spots are…

Gluten free in Paris
Gluten free in Paris
Gluten free in Paris
Gluten free in Paris


Chambelland was the first stop on my ‘Gluten free in Paris’ tour, with my gluten eating friend Rachael from Made From Scratch.  Chambelland make everything from scratch, they even have their own gf flour mill.  What they manage to produce and sell in their bakery is the stuff dreams are made of.  We popped in for lunch, and it was agonising trying to narrow down our options.  We ordered an olive focaccia (one of the few things I miss dearly now gluten isn’t a part of my life), orange-chocolate sweet bread – described as a mix of bread, brioche and pastry, which turned out to be something that could only be described as heavenly.  We added a couple of cookies to our order too, and they were the melt in your mouth kind that make you want to order ten more immediately.  Chambelland was most definitely my favourite gluten free spot in Paris.  Do not miss this.

Gluten free in Paris
Gluten Free in Paris


Opened in 2012, Noglu Restaurant now has three locations in Paris and one in New York.  Their daily changing menus also offer vegetarian and lactose free meals.  We popped in for dinner and I ordered the burger, which hand on heart was one of the most delicious burgers I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating!  The bun didn’t have a hint of that usual gluten free dryness, it tasted like the real deal.  Rachael ordered the fish and risotto dish, and for someone who can eat gluten she was impressed with her meal too.  We skipped dessert having already stuffed ourselves silly earlier in the day with sweet treats, but the baked goods on display looked heavenly.  A really great spot for a fantastic gf meal.

Gluten free in Paris
Gluten free in Paris

Helmut Newcake

Opened in 2011, Helmut Newcake was the first pastry shop in Paris to offer 100% gluten free baked goods.  Alongside the option of the most delicate looking desserts, think lemon meringue pie, pretty fruit tarts and dainty eclairs, Helmut Newcake also offer brunch and lunch.  We visited for a late afternoon sweet treat where I finally got to indulge in a very French treat, a canelé.  It was perfection!  I also bought a loaf of chocolate-orange brioche which I admittedly nibbled the corner off before packing it in my bag, bringing it back to London and turning it into French toast.  A lovely little cafe with the most divine gf treats.

Happy Gluten Free Eating in Paris!  And not that you need any more reasons to head to Paris, but just in case, here’s a short video I put together of some Parisian highlights…

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