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Chicama London

One of my favourite restaurants to visit for a delicious weekend brunch is Pachamama in Marylebone.  I’ve written about their gluten free waffles here.  So it was a no-brainer when the opportunity arose to visit Chicama, the Chelsea based restaurant from the founders of Pachamama.

Arriving on a slightly chilly evening, I soon warmed up inside, sitting down by the window, then let my nosiness get the better off me, and walked around the restaurant to admire the pretty interior.  My waiter appeared soon after to introduce himself and chat cocktails with me.  I took his lead, and ordered his recommendation, a good choice, one that definitely warmed the toes!

Chicama specialises in seafood, and I was lucky enough to visit on an evening when there was a guest chef, so I had not one, but two menus to choose from.  Again, I took the advice of the staff, who by the way were fantastic in dealing with my ‘I’m sorry but I’m gluten intolerant’ apologetic face.  They made suggestions, it all sounded delicious, so I said yes to everything and soon enough I had a table full of a-maz-ing looking food to try.

I devoured everything from smoked aubergine with artichoke, bonito and goats cheese, to baked scallops with green chilli butter and crushed purple potatoes.  And of course, there was my second stomach, ready and waiting for dessert.  When it was suggested I try two desserts, I said ‘yes’ without a seconds hesitation.  Placed in front of me was a sweet potato creme brûlée, which was sooo creamy and sooo good I could’ve eaten three in one sitting, and strawberry sorbet with frozen marshmallow, almond sponge and huacatay (Peruvian black mint).  I left a spoonful of that in my bowl, not because I didn’t like it, I was just trying to pretend like I actually possessed some self control ;o)

The evening sky became dark, and rain clouds threatened to make my trip home a very wet one, so I called it a night and left the buzz and chatter of a full house in Chicama, heading out into the cool, crisp air and walking off some of my dinner as I wandered along the Kings Road.

If the thought of Peruvian food and a glass of Pisco sounds good to you, then trust me, make a reservation at Chicama, it’s a guaranteed good time!

(Whilst I was a guest of Chicama, all opinions are my own).

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