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Brunch Beirut

I don’t know about you guys, but Sunday for me generally revolves around food.  Anything from a Sunday roast, to coffee and cake, or a really good brunch.  It will therefore come as no surprise that when the opportunity came my way to join the first ever Brunch Beirut event, I didn’t have to think twice.

Ribale (the creator and chef) and her husband Malek (the host) opened the doors of their home in North London to 12 strangers on a Sunday afternoon, ready to welcome us and take us on a Lebanese culinary journey.

From the moment I arrived and I had a little nosey around the long dining table, it was obvious no detail had been forgotten.  From the personalised name cards, to the printed menus, background music and arrival drinks, everything about Brunch Beirut felt promising.

After meeting other guests, which is always a fun part of a supper club, as everyone starts out as strangers, we were invited to take our seats and prepare for what I can only describe as a never ending feast of food!  It was that same feeling you get at Christmas, where dish after dish is laid out before you and you want to eat EVERYTHING, so you do, and then more dishes arrive and you find a second stomach for that food too.   No one goes hungry at Brunch Beirut, that I know for sure!

We were offered so many amazing dishes, that it’s impossible to say which were my favourites.  Everything from the halloumi, topped with mint and pomegranate molasses, to the fire roasted aubergine, mashed with tahini, garlic, lemon juice and olive oil were all mouth watering experiences.  And just when you swear to your other guests there is absolutely no way you could take another bite of anything, dessert is placed in front of you.  A milk and rice pudding infused with mastic and rose water, garnished with a pistachio and rose petals crumble, that you decide is worth risking spontaneous human combustion over, and you find yourself spooning the delicious dessert into your mouth like you’ve not eaten for weeks.

It is such a fab way to spend a Sunday, chatting and eating, amongst the most beautiful setting of Ribale and Malek’s home (plant lovers you will love their place!!).  I can confirm there were no Sunday blues going on at Brunch Beirut.

If this sounds like something you want to sign up for, the good news is the next Brunch Beirut event is coming up on November 12th, so jump on over to the Grubclub website to secure your place, there’s only a few seats left!

Happy eating!

Annmaree x

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