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Countryside France

London life can be utterly exhausting.  And lately, I’d felt exactly that.  Exhausted.  Rushing between my various jobs, and keeping up with my personal commitments and projects had me feeling overwhelmed and anxious.  I’d already said no to a wonderful invitation to spend four days in France at my friends country house, trying to be a financially responsible adult and all that.  Yet here I was, sat on a bus one afternoon feeling completely frazzled, and I suddenly thought ‘maybe I should go to France’.  Two hours later, I booked my flight, and four days after that I was standing in Pret at Heathrow Airport, ordering coffee because our flight was super early in the morning, and subsequently spilling half of it down my top as we saw the final boarding call for our plane, and had to make a dash towards our gate.

Less than two hours later, we were in our hire car and on our way to what has become to me, my own little rehab in the French countryside.  It’s my third visit to my friends gorgeous countryside home, 1.5 hours from Lyon, and it’s quickly becoming a place that I know I’ll arrive at and all the worries of the world will leave me.  My shoulders will feel lighter, and I will be able to do the unthinkable and re-laaaaax.

We spent four perfect days in France, and even though the weather didn’t play ball the whole time, we still managed to sunbathe, swim, drink rosé by the pool, and take walks in the countryside.  When the rain and thunder arrived, which it usually did in the afternoon, we’d take a drive to the supermarket, stocking up on every flavour of Lindt chocolate that doesn’t exist in the UK, and more rosé.  The evening was spent eating around the dining table together, sharing stories, and laughing a whole lot.  Other evenings we’d retreat to the upstairs snug, laying out in a total sloth like fashion on the huuuuuge sofa’s and watch comedy shows together.  There was no need to rush and sightsee, this perfect little piece of France was enough.

I was so glad I took the plunge and booked my ticket last minute, so I could forget about work, forget about everything on my to-do list, and just live happily in the moment with my darling friends.

Thank you to my wonderful friend for always welcoming me to your piece of perfection in France! x 

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