Detour | Four Days in Lake Como

Lake Como

2017 has definitely been a year of travelling to beautiful destinations so far.  It was a goal of mine this year, to take an opportunity when it arose.  So far I’m succeeding I think!  The Boy Next Door and I had planned to go to Morocco, but changed our mind at the last minute and settled on Lake Como.  Now some of you know, that I’ve been to Lake Como before, for a work trip, back in 2010, where I spent five days in disbelief at that famous villa on the lake, Villa Oleandra, sipping coffee with George Clooney.  No I’m not kidding, you can read about it here.

Whilst that trip was one of the most epic moments of my life, I felt I needed to return to Como, as I hadn’t seen anything of it, except George’s stunning villa, the pool, and a short boat trip to get gelato with Uma Thurman.  Yup.  True story.

I was desperate to return to Lake Como and see it through the eyes of a tourist.  Taking in the breathtaking scenery, and eating my weight in pizza and gelato.  So we booked, and found a lovely, affordable hotel right on the lake, Hotel Fioroni for those interested, which is a rarity as most lakeside accommodation is the type that would bankrupt you.

We landed in Milan on a Friday morning, collected our car and head towards Lake Como.  As we approached the mountains that surround the lake, I remember the scenery taking my breath away, even though I’d seen it before.  It is a place of true beauty.  It looks like a scene from Jurassic Park, and in that moment I was so happy that we’d decided to book this trip and really get to know the area.

The weather over the four days we were there was hot, sunny and utterly perfect.  The water temperature of the lake was above average for that time of year too.  We swam each day, right next to George’s villa, with absolutely no tourists, who knew no better than to drive past with their camera poised to get a shot of his villa’s wall.  And here I was glancing up at the window I’d once peered out of back in 2010, soaking in that memory whilst creating new ones as I paddled in the heavy, salt free lake.

We ate gelato once, if not twice a day, trying as many flavours as possible, but always coming back to our favourite, cherry for TBND, and Nutella for myself.  We visited Villa Carlotta which was unbelievably beautiful, and took a ferry over to Bellagio, navigating our way amongst the tourists.

Finding a grassy lido, recommended by our hotel, became a favourite spot to take in the afternoon sun, laying back on our beach towels, sipping an Aperol Spritz, and descending the stairs to the lake for a quick dip.

I have to be honest, Lake Como doesn’t compare to my absolute favourite place in Italy, Amalfi Coast.  I mean, nothing can beat that for me.  But did I enjoy my four days?  Absolutely.  Would I return?  Yes, probably with a group of friends, where I’d book a lakeside villa, stocking the kitchen with good food and Italian wine.

Lake Como is a truly magnificent place, one that everyone should put on their bucket list.  There’s the villa’s that will make you take a lottery ticket in the hopes you can purchase one, the caprese salads and the scenery that will blow your mind.  So book, go, I mean why not right?!

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