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Our final day on our summer trip to Italy was spent in Florence.  We were flying out from there early morning, so it made sense to spend a day in the city exploring.

Now I know I likely won’t be too popular saying this.  It was my second trip to Florence,  the first time it didn’t make my heart beat, and on this second trip I was beginning to feel the same.  I think if you’re an art and history buff, you’d be in your element, but being that I’m neither of those things, I guess the city is lost on me a little.

We arrived early morning and made our way into the city centre, sitting down for iced coffee right next to Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore, which really is an amazing sight to see.  Wandering through the tiny streets, we stopped for gelato and strolled towards the famous Ponte Vecchio bridge to peek in shops and people watch.

It was sometime in the afternoon where we both looked at each and felt a bit like ‘Well? What should we do now?’.  I jumped on Google, and a few minutes later we walked in the direction of San Lorenzo, and discovered the coolest vintage clothing store, Desii Vintage, amongst some other lovely boutiques.  It’s amazing how a bit of retail therapy can perk you up right?  A little further down the street we stopped for a drink in the gorgeous Konnubio restaurant, who’s interior is so, so amazing!  We definitely felt more optimistic about the rest of the afternoon from here on in!

Heading once again over Ponte Vecchio Bridge, we decided to explore the neighbourhood of Oltrarno, and it was here that we found ourselves standing in the most beautiful mens bespoke shoe store, chatting to the owner and shoe mastermind Mario Bemer, about his amazing creations and the fact he makes them for Daniel Day Lewis!  The rest of the afternoon, we strolled through streets and alleys, looking at delicious food markets, shops and street art.

As we found a place for dinner a little later, I sat there convinced that Florence has many wonderful places to discover, if you know where you’re going.  And I’d definitely not done enough homework on the city.  We ended our day on a high, a sugar high actually, eating the biggest gelato we’d consumed throughout our vacation.  It was gluttonous and I loved every bite.

Darkness fell, and we wandered back in the direction of our hotel, another Italian vacation ticked off, and a bunch of memories to treasure.

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