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pumpkin patch

Garsons Esher

Hello everyone, I hope you’ve been having a good week?  I can’t believe it’s Thursday already, this week has flown by!  It’s almost the weekend again, and I’m trying to decide which Autumnal activities to tick off my list.

This is my second favourite time of the year (December’s festive season is my number one!), and I love to visit London’s parks whilst the trees are full of red and gold leaves, make belly warming meals at home, and browse through the Halloween section at stores, admiring all their creepy decorations.

The other must-have for me during this time of year, is visiting a pumpkin patch.  I find it sooo much fun!  Growing up in New Zealand, Halloween was a huge deal.  We spent weeks planning our outfits, and what our ‘trick’ would be if the person standing at the door didn’t offer a treat.  Trick or treating around my neighbourhood was the best, and such a highlight in my memories of childhood.  The one thing we never did however, was carve pumpkins.  Things may have changed now in New Zealand, but we never celebrated Halloween in that way when I was a kid.  Pumpkins were just for eating on a Sunday with a roast dinner.

I love visiting the pumpkin patch at Garsons in Surrey each year, wandering through the huge field, picking out the perfect pumpkins. I firstly use them to decorate our sitting room with and later carve faces into, placing tea lights inside and leaving them at our front entrance on October 31st, to let all the trick or treaters in the neighbourhood know they are welcome to knock on our door.  (Boo to all the grumpy people that give nothing to these little kids!  I really did not like those people as a kid, they are the grinch’s of Halloween!).

We’ve got three big pumpkins currently sitting in our fireplace from our pumpkin patch visit, and I’m now busy on Google finding scary pumpkin face templates so I can get busy with carving this weekend!

I also recommend pumpkin patch picking in these super comfy Lucy and Yak corduroy dungarees.  I’m so in love, they are so soft and cosy, and perfect for being ‘down on the farm’ at Garsons ;o)

Happy October and Happy Pumpkin Patch Picking!

Annmaree x

Lucy and Yak

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